LunaNode: Cloud Virtualization Infrastructure
LunaNode's cloud infrastructure allows you to flexibly deploy virtual machines and block storage at significantly lower pricing than our competitors. Per-hour billing means that you only pay for the capacity that you use, and our powerful control panel and API make it easy for you to manage your services.

Scalable, High-Performance VMs and Volumes More

We offer General-Purpose, Memory-Optimized, and Compute-Optimized plan tiers to satisfy virtually any workload. Virtual machines can be deployed on ultra-fast local SSD disks, or on highly reliable Volumes that utilize distributed block storage. Volumes can be expanded at any time, and you can attach additional volumes to a VM to provide extra storage.

Snapshots More

Snapshots of any VM can be taken to capture the VM's current disk state. Live snapshotting utilizes copy-on-write technology so that snapshot operations can proceed while a VM is running. You can use snapshots as backups, or as templates to provision more VMs.

Management Tools

SSH key injection, startup scripts, a modern web console, and a rescue mode make it easy to manage your VMs.

Shelving More

Shelving saves you money by reducing costs for unused VMs. You can shelve a VM with one click; once shelved, you only pay for IP addresses and storage.

Performant Hardware

We use Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 in Toronto, and Xeon E5-2660 v3 in Montreal and Roubaix.

Choose your Operating System More

We provide templates for many operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, and FreeBSD. You can also upload your own template from the panel, or upload your own ISO and install the operating system to your VM from the web console.

Floating IPs More

External IP addresses can be transferred between VMs, without any required network configuration changes. These transfers can be controlled from the API to implement automatic failover.

Private Networking and Security Groups More

VMs in the same region can communicate with each other over our 10gbps internal network. Security groups allow you to define allowed network traffic patterns to selectively isolate services from untrusted machines.

Load Balancers More

Load balancers distribute TCP, HTTP, or HTTPS traffic between multiple virtual machines, and perform automatic monitoring to disable failed machines.

Multiple Locations More

LunaNode is available in Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and France (Roubaix). You can easily migrate VMs, volumes, and snapshots between regions.