Virtual Machines

Our KVM-powered virtual machines are servers that you can connect to and manage with SSH.

We offer three plan tiers to satisfy virtually any workload that your application requires:

  • General-Purpose plans come with CPU, memory, and storage resources that are appropriate for a wide range of web and other server applications.
  • Memory-Optimized plans are designed for applications with higher-than-average memory-to-CPU requirements.
  • Compute-Optimized plans include dedicated CPU cores, along with ample memory and storage resources, for compute-intensive applications like batch processing and video encoding.

All of our VMs are billed hourly at affordable prices, to give you maximum flexibility and scalability.



We offer extensive functionality for you to easily manage your virtual machines:

  • Shelving a temporarily unneeded VM lets you reduce your recurring costs. Shelving will de-allocate CPU and memory resources, so that you only pay for storage ($0.03/GB/mo) and IP addresses ($1/mo) until you unshelve. For example, after shelving an s.1 VM with one IP address (normally $7/mo), you'll only pay $1.6/mo, or $0.0022/hr.
  • Snapshots capture the current disk state of your VM for backups or cloning.
  • Rescue Mode allows you to fix up your VM in case you broke something in the boot process.
  • Resizing lets you quickly increase the CPU, memory, and storage resources available to your VM.
  • Upload custom ISO and qcow2 images to provision VMs from virtually any operating system.

Bandwidth Pooling

We bill bandwidth on a per-calendar-month basis. Your bandwidth allocation in a particular region for the month is the sum of the contributions from your VMs, which is calculated by dividing the bandwidth allocation included in your VM plan by the fraction of time that your VM was active in the month.

For instance, if you have one s.1 VM (which includes 2000 GB monthly bandwidth) active in Toronto for the entire month, and another that you had only provisioned halfway into the month, then your bandwidth allocation in Toronto for the month would be 3000 GB.

Bandwidth usage is the sum of incoming and outgoing traffic across all of your VMs. If you exceed your bandwidth allocation, additional bandwidth is $0.003/GB ($3/TB). You can opt to shutoff your VMs before your bandwidth allocation is exceeded from your Account Policies. You can monitor your current bandwidth allocation and usage from the panel dashboard.


Our cloud platform is available in Toronto, Montreal, and northern France. All of our cloud features, including virtual machines, block storage, and snapshots, are available in all locations. IPv6 is only available in Toronto.