Hourly Billed KVM Cloud Servers with Snapshots, Block Storage, and More.
Easily deploy reliable and performant cloud servers in Toronto.
Cloud KVM Instances
Snapshots, Block Storage, and More
Hourly Billing from $0.006/hour
Virtual Machines
KVM cloud servers on redundant SSD disk arrays. Check out our pricing!
Take live snapshots of your VM at any time to extract its current disk state for backups or cloning, without any downtime.
Block Storage
Volumes are detachable disks stored on our high availability cluster. Attach volumes to VMs for extra space, or provision VMs with a volume as the boot device.
Startup Scripts
Automatically configure your VM during the boot process with bash and cloud-init startup scripts.
Cloud Firewalls
Security groups allow you to define traffic restrictions on groups of virtual machines at the infrastructure level.
Private Networks
Your VMs get their own private, isolated internal network, on which they can securely communicate.
Burstable Resources
VMs can burst above their baseline performance for short periods to utilize additional CPU and I/O resources, making load spikes easier on your application.
Bandwidth Pooling
Your VMs can use unused bandwidth from your other VMs in the same region. Plus, additional bandwidth is just $3/TB.
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