Hourly Billing with Snapshots, Block Storage, and More.
Deploy a reliable, performant, and feature-packed cloud server,
available in Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and France (Roubaix).
Cloud KVM Instances
Snapshots, Block Storage, and More
Hourly Billing from $0.006/hour
Custom Images
Upload your own ISO images and qcow2 templates to our control panel, and immediately begin provisioning from them.
You can snapshot your VM at any time to extract the current disk state. Both live snapshots and cold snapshots can be taken!
Security Groups
Define traffic restrictions on groups of virtual machines. Unlike iptables, security groups work on infrastructure level.
Detachable Volumes
Volumes stored on our high availability cluster can be attached to and detached from virtual machines on demand.
SSD Storage
Provision your virtual machine using our SSD plans and take advantage of the IO performance of the SSD disk arrays.
Tenant Networks
Virtual machines provisioned on tenant networks can acquire any assigned IP address, enabling complex network architectures.
Bandwidth Pooling
Bandwidth pool system allows you to use unused bandwidth from some of your VMs on other VMs in the same region.
Flexible CPU Plans
Flexible plans have a base cost for fixed memory and storage, but CPU and bandwidth are billed based entirely on usage.
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