Server Monitoring

We offer an integrated monitoring platform that notifies you when your services go down. The monitoring service is free of charge, except for SMS and phone-call notifications, which are charged at the Twilio rate (rounded up to the nearest cent).

  • Create a variety of checks, including HTTP, SSL expiration, ICMP ping, TCP connect, and DNS.
  • Get notifications over e-mail, SMS, phone call, or an HTTP webhook.
  • Checks are highly configurable. For example, you can opt to receive notifications only after the service is offline for a specified duration, like ten minutes.


We support five check types: HTTP, SSL certificate expiration, ICMP ping, TCP connect, and DNS.

HTTP checks have numerous configurable options:

  • Method (GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE) and optional request body
  • Request headers
  • Expected status code
  • Expected subsring (check fails if substring is missing)

On SSL expiration checks, you can configure the number of days before the certificate expires so that you get notified in advance.

For DNS checks, you can set the query data (e.g. ""), record type, DNS server, and expected response.

On all checks, you can configure an interval defining how frequently the check runs, and an alert delay defining the number of intervals before notifications are sent.

Get Started

  1. Go to Monitoring, and add a new check.
  2. After configuring the check, go back to Monitoring, and add a new contact (e.g. e-mail or SMS).
  3. To associate the check with the contact, select the check, and press Associate Contact.

Webhook Alerts

The web hook alert will perform a POST request on the configured URL with these parameters (which will be URL-form-encoded):

  • check_id: the ID of the check whose status changed
  • name: check name
  • type: check type
  • data: check parameters
  • status: either "online" or "offline", depending on whether the check came up or went down
  • message: a description of the reason for the status change