Migrating a Virtual Machine to a New Region

Virtual machines with no attached volumes can be easily migrated via a snapshot. The snapshot captures the VM's disk state.

  1. Select the VM and press Shut down. Once it is offline, press Snapshot.
  2. Wait for the snapshot to complete; you can monitor its progress from Images.
  3. Select the snapshot, press Replicate, and replicate (copy) it to the destination region.
  4. Wait for the replication to complete.
  5. Provision a new VM in the destination region from the snapshot. The snapshot can be selected under My Images. Check "Set password via cloud-init" if you currently use SSH password authentication.
Once the new VM is working, you may want to delete the images and the old VM to avoid those charges. Check the Dashboard for a summary of all active services.

Migrating Virtual Machines with Volumes

For virtual machines with attached volumes, follow these additional steps for each attached volume:

  1. From Volumes, select the volume and press Detach. Then press Convert to Image.
  2. Once the image conversion completes, select the image, press Replicate, and replicate it to the destination region.
  3. Once the replication completes, go to Volumes, and create a new volume from the image. It can be selected under the Source dropdown, which appears after the region is chosen.

Then, after creating the new VM in the destination region, immediately attach each new volume to the VM.

Networking Changes

The new VM will have different private and public IP addresses than the old VM, so you may need to update the network configuration inside the VM if it is not configured to acquire IP addresses via DHCP.

Special Cases

  • Your root filesystem is on a volume:: capture the root filesystem from the volume by selecting the VM and pressing Snapshot. After replicating the image to Toronto, create a volume from the image, and then create a VM from the volume.